HeartFelt® Origami: the ceiling system that looks good and sounds even better

If you are looking for a ceiling that excels both aesthetically and acoustically, HeartFelt® Origami is the perfect choice. This new ceiling system offers architects and interior designers several advantages: the felt ceiling panels allow you to create an exclusive and highly creative ceiling finish, while ensuring the end user enjoys an environment with maximum sound absorption.

Visual Comfort

The combination of the authentic felt material and the Origami shapes gives every space a very distinctive look and feel. Combined with the right lighting, it creates a ceiling with a captivating interaction of light and shadow.

Acoustical comfort

The HeartFelt® Origami ceiling system with its strong sound-dampening performance has what it takes to enhance a wide range of building spaces and make them ‘sound friendly’.

Efficient maintenance

All connections are easy to detach, making repair or disposal and recycling very simple. The felt panels are dirt and dust resistant and offer you a swing-down system for easy access, making maintenance in the plenum easier.

Inspirational Images

HeartFelt® Origami consists of flat felt panels that take on their final shape and pattern during installation through folding lines and incisions. All shapes are available in the size 600 x 600 mm. You can choose from five grey shades and five earth tones. The combination of shapes and colours give designers extra freedom to choose a shape, or combination of shapes, that best suits a particular space.

Quick and easy installation

It could not be easier or quicker to install

The origami folding technique is a practical way of making materials rigid without the need for other materials or products. This ceiling system plays a key role in the pursuit of circular and sustainable construction.

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